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When to Involve Your Plumber
To get the best possible advice and to be in a position to consider all options we highly recommend that you talk to us prior to finalising plans with your builder and/or architect.

The following are possible steps involved in construction, highlighting where you should involve Jarvie Plumbing Ltd.

Development Stage How Jarvie Plumbing can assist
Section selection – prior to finalising a site for building
We don’t need to get involved at this stage but you may wish to consult with us so that you can find out the possible options. For example for a rural block you will need to know about onsite disposal and water.
Engaging a builder and/or architect Once you have a section we recommend an initial discussion with us so we can highlight options which may influence your building design. This will put you in a better position to brief your builder and architect.
Drafting your plans Ideally we should be consulted at the design stage as early as possible – waste water, heating options etc can all have a big impact on the overall design.
Working plans finalised We strongly recommend that you talk to us before any plans are completed. Your options for plumbing and associated installations can best be realised if incorporated into your plans before your working drawings are finalised.
Resource consent We assist clients at this stage with the provision of drainage plans.
Working drawings It is at this stage that we can provide you with a final quote for our services including the cost of all fixtures.
It is preferable to enter into a contract before building commences so that we can best work with your builder to meet required timeframes.
No building work should be undertaken before all your plumbing and drainage needs have been assessed and factored into the building project.
Building commences It can become very difficult to incorporate new specifications once building work is underway.
Final inspection Once building work is complete we will meet with you and/or your builder to confirm that all work has been completed as specified and to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.
On-going maintenance and building alterations Jarvie Plumbing Ltd can be available on an as required basis. We have the expertise to maintain all our installations.
We can also consult with us about plumbing options when you undertake building alterations.

Please note that every building project is unique and the list of development steps is only provided as a general guide; no responsibility can be taken for reliance upon it. Jarvie Plumbing Ltd will need to give specific advice tailored to meet your building requirements.

We will not charge you for advice at the initial stages of a development, however if you decide not to use any Jarvie Plumbing Ltd services a consultation fee may apply.

Jarvie Plumbing Ltd – A Comprehensive Package of Services
Jarvie Plumbing Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive package of services for your new building. We have the experience and expertise to undertake any of the following services:
  • solar heating
  • gas fittings
  • waste water tanks
  • water proofing requirements
  • plumbing and drainage
  • water treatment
  • heating
  • irrigation and pumps
  • on-site disposal of stormwater and sewage
Our service can include: 
  • advice on the best options to meet your building requirements
  • product and fitting selection and purchase
  • plumbing and drainage design
  • installation
  • on going maintenance
We will always provide you with the most appropriate plumbing solution to meet your specific requirements. In order to receive the best results we recommend you refer to the list of steps involved in the construction of a new building which highlights Jarvie Plumbing Ltd should be involved.